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The FNL Journal

FNL stands for "Fitness, Nutrition, Lifestyle," and this is what the

FNL Journal is allll about. 

By improving these areas of your life, you can create more balance and harmony between your physical and mental health!

The FNL Journal uses an intentionally-designed, tested, and effective system
to get you from "just existing," to FULLY LIVING.

The journals are 6 months long, with space for you to design your 6-month and 3-month vision, which makes your future reality that much more tangible. We aren't asking you for your five-year plan! Heck, sometimes even we don't know where we want to be in 5 years! 


Your journal has structure in its format, but enough flexibility that you can use it how you most need to. Every woman is different and approaches life in her own way. Your FNL (fitness-nutrition-lifestyle) vision may look very different than the next woman's, which is why we designed the journal to be flexible in how you use it, while still keeping you on a clear path. 

The FNL Journal will keep you motivated and inspired. Each week begins and ends with a quote from a strong, badass woman. Each one has been hand-picked and placed with intention. We want these to really speak to you, so we did our best to avoid anything cliche, overused, or generic.




This journal is NOT for everyone. But- if you're a woman who wants to gain balance between her physical and mental health, live a life free from low confidence, and body-image issues, and you know that there's much more to life than just what your body looks like, then it is for you. 

We use a systemized, consistent approach to goal setting and action steps. Ain't no progress without action, lady! Your journal allows you to design a reality that blends fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle in a way that makes improved health and wellness easy.



Journals are broken down into monthly, weekly, and daily sections, to give you a larger-scale view, as well as outline tangible steps that you can take This also allows you

to clearly  organize your thoughts, tasks, and deadlines. 

Accountability is HUGE. That's why, once you purchase your journal, you will receive a personal check in from Teresa, the creator of the journal. Also, enjoy emails a few times per month, and weekly vlogs every Friday that cover topics in Fitness, Nutrition, and Lifestyle. 

100% money back guarantee. After completing your 6-month journal, if you feel that it didn't improve your life, just contact us and let us know. We stand behind this product 100%, so if it doesn't meet your expectations and improve your life, we wanna know!

The FNL Journal is solutions-based. We aren't just going to help you identify your challenges- we're going to provide you with constructive tools and steps to address and overcome them. 


One of our primary goals is to help you shift your perspective. By critically and pragmatically examining our challenges and successes, we become better able to find the positive in every situation, and give ourselves credit for even the smallest-seeming wins. Soon enough, your default thought patterns will be all about positivity and growth!

The overall intention of the FNL Journal is to move our focus away from the external (at least partially), and improve ourselves internally. From our experience, self-acceptance, confidence, happiness, and fulfillment improve dramatically as we make the switch from externally-based satisfaction, to internally-based growth and reflection. With the FNL Journal, that transition becomes easy. 

Customer service is SUPER important to us. We know that there are many journal options out there, but our high level of customer service is just another factor that sets us apart. In addition to our money back guarantee, you can expect to speak to a real person when you contact us (not an automation!), a response within 48 hours, and periodic communication from us to check in on you and how you are doing. At FNL Journal, we really do care about you.

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