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The FNL Workshop Series:

a 6-month program to create harmony between

your physical and mental health

The program for the woman that: 

  • Wants to feel confident, powerful, and strong in the gym

  • Wants to learn how to correctly and effectively use the equipment in the gym

  • Is tired of dieting and/or always trying to change her body

  • Looks at food as "good or bad," or "all or nothing" (and wants to learn how to create a healthier relationship with food)

  • Is struggling with body image, and wants to break free and start accepting her body as it is right now

  • Wants to learn how and what to eat to fuel, nourish, and support her physical and mental health

  • Wants to find other women that share her challenges, and create lasting, quality, supportive connections

  • Wants actual, in-person accountability for the next 6 months


  • Six 2-hour* in-person workshops hosted at the beginning of each month

    • Jan 5th (*3 hours)

    • Feb 2nd

    • March 1st

    • April 5th

    • May 3rd

    • May 31st

  • Six group web-calls (online) for live Q & A and check-ins​. These will be mid month.

  • An intimate group, limited to 25 women MAX

  • These are private events, hosted at Evolve Fit Studio in Mira Mesa

  • Each workshop will include:

    • An educational fitness session (appx. 50 mins) covering specific equipment

      • Body weight exercises and proper form​

      • Dumbbells

      • Kettlebells

      • Barbells

      • TRX

      • Additional equipment (ropes, medicine balls, sandbags, resistance bands, etc)

    • Plant-based snacks (with recipes!) for post workout nourishment

    • A segment to share, discuss, and plan the upcoming month (using The FNL Journal)


  • An FNL Journal (super early bird sign ups get two!)

  • How-to videos of all of the exercises that will be taught and used during the workouts

  • Recipes of all of the snacks and refreshments provided, with additional health info about the ingredients

  • A workbook custom-made for this program (containing all of the informative and educational info that will be presented)

  • An intimate community of women that are all there to learn, share, discuss, and grow together

  • Accountability to your vision (we will be sharing each month and keeping each other on track!)

  • Hands-on personal training from myself (an NASM certified personal trainer)

  • More TBD


  • A sense of balance and harmony between your physical health (your body) and your mental health (your mind)

  • A thorough understanding of multiple pieces of exercise equipment, and how to use them in your own workouts

  • Acceptance of, and appreciation for, your body (no matter what it looks like)

  • A deeper knowledge of nutrition and balanced eating habits, and how to apply this knowledge to your daily life (no matter what the circumstances)

  • A place of belonging in this community of like-minded women

  • More confidence in yourself, in and out of the gym

  • More peace, ease, and compassion for yourself and your life overall


  • Super early bird: $239 (bonuses listed below)

    • Two FNL Journals

    •  ​An e-copy of my book, The Wellness Compass

    • A private 30-minute support call with Teresa, which you can use at any time during the 6 month period

  • Early bird: $269

  • Regular: $299

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